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ABFM is excited to announce the honorees for its 2021 annual awards program on Friday, October 1, at the Georgetown Marriott in Washington, DC:

  • The 2021 Aaron Wildavsky Award for lifetime scholarly achievement in budgeting and financial management will be presented to M. Peter van der Hoek.
  • The 2021 S. Kenneth Howard Award to honor lifetime achievement by a practitioner in the field of budgeting and financial management will be presented to Edward A. Lehan.
  • The 2021 Michael Curro Award for the best paper by a graduate student will be presented to John D. Stavick.
  • The 2021 Jesse Burkhead Award for the best article in Volume 40 of Public Budgeting & Finance will be presented to Christian Buerger for his article, “The Influence of Finance Policies on Charter School Supply Decisions in Five States.”

We will also recognize the 2020 honorees at the ceremony on October 1:

  • 2020 Wildavsky Award honoree Merl Hackbart
  • 2020 Howard Award honoree F. Stevens Redburn
  • 2020 Curro Award honoree Felipe Lozano-Rojas
  • 2020 Burkhead Award honorees Michael Miller and Robert Pavosevich

The 2021 ABFM Awards Program on October 1 is only one part of what is shaping up to be an outstanding 2021 ABFM Annual Conference at the Georgetown Marriott in Washington, DC, September 30 – October 2. The conference will open with a keynote session featuring U.S. Representative (GA-7) and longtime ABFM member, the Honorable Carolyn Bourdeaux, and U.S. Comptroller General Gene Dodaro. And, as always, there will be dozens of panel sessions filled with presentations of cutting-edge research, the ABFM awards luncheon, and abundant opportunities for idea exchange and professional networking.