Annual Conference

Join us in Washington D.C. September 30 – October 2

We are excited to report that ABFM’s annual research conference will take place, in person, at the Georgetown Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC, September 30 – October 2. The hotel has been working cooperatively with ABFM Past Chair Calabrese (thank you, Thad), and the hotel’s Senior Events Manager has confirmed that they will be able to host the conference on satisfactory terms under the circumstances. Some details of maximum permitted room capacities and health protocols remain to be settled, but our best information at present indicates that i t will be possible for us to meet safely, legally, and productively in DC this fall.

Conference preparations this year will run a few weeks behind the usual schedule, in part because of the delayed start, and in part because the hotel will need to get updated health and safety guidance before the exact configuration of the program can be settled. Tentative plans are to distribute a call for proposals in April or early May, notify panelists and presenters by early
July if available meeting-room configurations are known by then, and provide registration and room reservation links at that time.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation and related uncertainties, early registrations will be deeply discounted from the normal rates that were scheduled to take effect this year as part of the effort to bring ABFM’s budget into balance over the next several years:

ABFM Annual
Registration Rates
Early Registration –
COVID-19 Special
Regular RegistrationOn-Site Registration
Member$325 $230350400
Non-Member$425 $330450500
Student Member$100 $75125150
Student Non-Member$150 $125175200
One-Day$175 $125200250

Save the Date: ABFM Conference 2022 — Sept. 22-24

ABFM will hold its 2022 annual research conference on September 22-24, 2022, at theHyatt Regency Miami.

Past Conference Programs