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Annual Conference

Join us in Washington D.C. September 30 – October 2

ABFM’s 33rd research conference will take place, in person, at the Georgetown Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC, September 30 – October 2, 2021. This year’s conference features a full schedule of panels, plenary sessions, receptions, luncheon, and a poster session for PhD students in the first two years of their program. Speakers for the opening plenary session on Thursday include former ABFM chair and current member of Congress, The Honorable Carolyn Bourdeaux, and the Comptroller General of the U.S., Gene Dodaro.

Online pre-registration for the conference is now in progress through September 17, after which registration will be on site at the conference. Hotel reservations are open now.   Abundant opportunities for networking will await all registrants in a CDC compliant setting. We look forward to an action-filled conference as we convene to share new research and rekindle old friendships.

Register now to take advantage of the lower rates for online pre-registration. We look forward to seeing you back in Washington, D.C. on September 30 to October 2.

ABFM Annual
Registration Rates
Regular Registration
(online through September 17)
On-Site Registration
Student Member125150
Student Non-Member175200

Online Registration is Closed

Online registrations were excepted through September 17, 2021, but we are happy to accept registrations in person at the conference. Thanks!

Hotel Information

Hotel reservations are available at a discounted rate for attendees of the conference. Reservations must be in place by September 1, 2021. Click the link below to view our group rate:

2021 Conference Schedule

  • Each session is 75 minutes long.
  • The preliminary schedule has two sections: the first is a Summary-at-a-Glance of the conference — panel titles, convenors, and room location; the second section provides details on each panel session including the titles of papers and the authors of those papers.
  • Each conference room will have a laptop and projector. Presenters are responsible for having a copy (and backup) of their presentation. PowerPoint is recommended. 
  • The order of papers in the program may be adjusted by the panel chair. The ordering in the preliminary schedule was mostly the result of the order that papers were received as proposals to the ABFM website.
  • A table will be available for attendees to display announcements of faculty openings, marketing materials for their program(s), and other information of relevance to those in public budgeting and finance.
  • Another display table will be available for attendees to peruse samples of textbooks, journals, anthologies, or other publications of interest to those in public budgeting and finance. Please bring a display copy of publications for this table (with information on how to order a copy).

COVID-19 Protocol 

Attendees are asked to observe the following:

  • Be fully vaccinated (voluntary compliance expected).
  • Wear a quality face mask at all times except eating or presenting (complimentary KN95s will be available).
  • Self-administer a temperature test before entering the conference area on the 2nd floor.
  • Signage will notify guests that the 2nd floor is restricted to ABFM members and invited guests.
  • Marriott staff will sanitize meeting rooms between sessions. 

2021 Conference Schedule 364.16 KB 499 downloads

The schedule for the 2021 ABFM annual conference. …

COVID protocol for 2021 ABFM Conference

Updated 8/12/2021

In order to provide an environment that minimizes the transmission of COVID and follows the CDC’s current guidelines, attendees will be asked to observe the following precautions:

  • all attendees who are medically able should be fully vaccinated for the COVID virus (voluntary compliance is requested);
  • attendees will self-check their temperature on entry to the 2nd floor (CDC considers a temp greater than 100.4 as a fever);
  • all attendees must wear a mask except when presenting a paper, eating, or drinking (masks        will be provided);
  • dispensers with hand sanitizer will be distributed throughout the 2nd floor;
  • access to the 2nd floor is restricted to ABFM attendees and their guests;
  • Marriott staff will sanitize the speakers’ area in each meeting room following each session (wipe controllers, laptops, and table, remove trash, refresh water at speakers’ table);
  • given the foregoing precautions, seating in meeting rooms and the Metropolitan Ballroom will not be socially distanced.

Conference participants will be advised of these guidelines through emails and signage at entry points to the 2nd floor. These procedures will be modified as CDC guidelines and hotel protocols change.

Conference Sponsorships

The Association for Budgeting and Financial Management invites organizations and agencies to sponsor key events at its annual conference with tiered recognition based on sponsor contributions.

Save the Date: ABFM Conference 2022 — Sept. 22-24

ABFM will hold its 2022 annual research conference on September 22-24, 2022, at the Hyatt Regency Miami.

Past Conference Programs


2021 Conference Schedule 364.16 KB 499 downloads

The schedule for the 2021 ABFM annual conference. …

2020 ABFM Conference Program 677.27 KB 74 downloads

The program from the 2020 ABFM conference. …

2019 ABFM Conference Program 13.75 MB 70 downloads

The program from the 2019 ABFM conference. …

2018 ABFM Conference 11.81 MB 20 downloads

The program from the 2018 ABFM conference. …

2017 ABFM Conference 7.78 MB 13 downloads

The program from the 2017 ABFM conference. …

2016 ABFM Conference Program 10.56 MB 11 downloads

The program from the 2016 ABFM Conference. …

2015 ABFM Conference Program 8.41 MB 11 downloads

The program from the 2015 ABFM Conference. …

2014 ABFM Conference Program 8.03 MB 5 downloads

The program from the 2014 ABFM conference. …

2013 ABFM Conference Program 6.03 MB 4 downloads

The program for the 2013 ABFM conference. …

2012 ABFM Conference Program 4.46 MB 6 downloads

The program from the 2012 ABFM conference. …