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About ABFM

Charter & Bylaws

The American Society for Public Administration ( ASPA ) recognizes the development of specialized areas of interest within its membership as important to the advancement of the aims and purposes of the Society. Accordingly, it has granted and approved the following Charter & Bylaws for the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management. This Charter & Bylaws are subject to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society and to official ASPA policies governing the creation, evaluation, and termination of sections


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The American Society for Public Administration ( ASPA ) recognizes the development…

Officers & Executive Committee

ABFM is governed by a Board comprised of the following membership:

2022 Chair
Robert Bland
University of North Texas
Zhirong "Jerry" Zhao
Zhirong “Jerry” Zhao
University of Minnesota

Vice Chair
Christine Martell
University of Colorado, Denver
Jonathan Justice
Immediate Past Chair
Jonathan Justice
University of Delaware
Assistant Treasurer
Kelly Shi
University of North Texas
Hai "David" Guo
Hai “David” Guo
Florida International University
Robert "Bob" Buschman
Robert Buschman
Georgia State University

Executive Committee At-Large Members

Whitney Alfonso
Whitney Afonso
2021-2023 Term
University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill
Carla Flink
Carla Flink
2020-2022 Term
American University
Christopher Goodman
2022-2024 Term
Northern Illinois University
Sarah Larson
2021-2023 Term
University of Central Florida
Wenli Yan
Wenli Yan
2020-2022 Term
Virginia Commonwealth University
Michelle Lofton
2022-2024 Term
University of Georgia
Lang "Kate" Yang
Lang “Kate” Yang
2021-2023 Term
George Washington University
Justin Ross
Justin Ross
2020-2022 Term
Indiana University
Wie Yusuf
Wie Yusuf
2019-2021 Term
Old Dominion University

Selection of Officers & Executive Committee

Elected Members

Members elect a nine-member Executive Committee and the following Officers: Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice-Chair and Immediate Past-Chair.  Executive Committee members serve three-calendar-year terms, staggered so that three members are elected annually.

Chair of ABFM is a four-year progressive term, starting with election as Vice-Chair. The incumbent promotes to Chair-Elect for the second year, then Chair for the third year. The incumbent also serves one year in an advisory capacity as Immediate Past-Chair.

Appointed Members

The following positions are appointed by and serve at the discretion of the Chair:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Archivist
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Membership Chair
  • Student Paper Award Coordinator
  • Conference Committee Chair

Past ABFM Chairs

Chair of ABFM is a one-year position that reflects a four-year commitment on part of a dedicated member to provide leadership and guidance to their fellow practitioners and researchers in public sector finance and budgeting.

2020Thad Calabrese
2019Justin Marlowe
2018Bryan Sullivan
2017Dan Smith
2016Carolyn Bourdeaux
2015Robert Kravchuk
2014Charles Menified
2013Scott Pattison
2012James D. Savage
2011Carol Ebdon
2010Dwight V. Denison
2009Katherine Willoughby
2008Rebecca Hendrick
2007Robert J. Eger III
2005-07Kurt Thurmaier
2004-05Wes Clarke
2003-04Jocelyn Johnston
2002-03Beverly Bunch
2001-02John Forrester
2000-01Paul Posner
1999-2000Merl Hackbart
1988-99Fred Thompson