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It’s been 100 years since the enactment of the Budget and Accounting Act, which set up the process for introduction of a budget plan by the President, followed by approval from Congress. To celebrate this historic milestone, join us June 21-25, 2021, for a special virtual event featuring several panels and discussion groups led by top experts in the budget and finance field.

The event, a week-long, virtual commemoration of the legislation that set the foundation for all of the Federal budget processes used today, is a collaborative endeavor between the American Association for Budget and Program Analysis, as lead organizer, ABFM, and the National Academy of Public Administration. Speakers and panelists include former directors of the Office of Management and Budget and Congressional Budget Office, as well as experts in budgeting technology, state and local finance, and the evolution over time in the budgeting relationship between Congress and the executive branch.

AABPA, ABFM and NAPA members, as well as current and retired federal, state and local government practitioners, current and former Congressional staff, students, and interested members of the public are invited. The event is free of charge and open to all who register.