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The Allen Schick OECD Internship offers outstanding students the opportunity to emerge themselves in international budgeting issues during an intensive summer in Paris. (*)

Allen Schick was instrumental in the inception, development and success of the OECD’s work on budgeting and public financial management issues and the two have been inseparable for over four decades. This internship celebrates his lifetime of achievement and his enduring bond with the OECD.

‌The successful candidate will participate in ongoing projects in the field of budgeting and public expenditures. Topics include fiscal rules, long-term fiscal sustainability, fiscal risk management, medium-term expenditure frameworks, top-down budgeting, performance budgeting, evaluation, spending review, accounting, financial reporting, gender budgeting, green budgeting, and health financing.

The candidate will join a dynamic multi-national team, assist in the preparation of reports highlighting leading edge reforms and engage with high-level officials from OECD countries.

Apply and submit all requirements before the 31 of March 2022.

For more Information click the attached link below:

Allen Schick OECD Internship

(*) Due to the COVID emergency, the internship programme may take place virtually in summer 2022