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Bruce McDonald and Meagan Jordan co-edited Teaching Public Budgeting and Finance: A Practical Guide as part of the Routledge Public Affairs Education series. The teaching guide serves as a resource for early-career faculty needing guidance, for established faculty desiring fresh approaches or inspiration in areas outside of their narrow research focus, and for the faculty member with expertise outside of public budgeting and finance assigned to teach the course.  

John Bartle writes in his review, “This book is true to its title, as it is indeed a practical guide for all who teach the subject, whether new or experienced. The chapters provide key points about what should be taught, suggested reading materials, assignments, and discussion questions. Most chapters also operationalize the accreditation learning outcomes in the context of the topic, further enhancing the applicability of the book and providing greater assurance that students will learn what they need to know. We need to keep our teachings current and compelling to get students ready for the challenges they will face in their careers.”

As long-time active members of ABFM, the co-editors tapped several of their ABFM colleagues as subject matter experts to contribute their pedagogical practices, learning objectives, and examples. With some overlap, contributors include 3 past ABFM Presidents, three Wildavsky Award winners, one Howard Award winner, and one Posner Award winner along with several other active ABFM members, scholars, and mentors.