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Individuals, schools, publishers, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations and anyone else interested in promoting public sector budget and financial management are invited and encouraged to contribute as sponsors for the 2018 ABFM Conference, October 4 – 6 in Denver, CO. These funds are used to help defray the costs of the conference for all of our attendees, especially enabling us to offer significantly-reduced rates for current students.

Click Here for Information on Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

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Sponsorship opportunities are available at multiple levels with varying amenities and benefits, including. Please review the sponsorship schedule online at https://abfm.org/?page_id=60666 further information on our available options. If you have any questions about sponsoring the 2018 ABFM Conference, please contact

ABFM Sponsorships Chair

Bryan Sullivan (abfm2018chairbsullivan@gmail.com)


ABFM Treasurer Deborah Carroll (abfm.treasurer@gmail.com)

Sponsorships are payable by check made out to “ABFM” or by P-Card online (to Paypal account abfm.treasurer@gmail.com). Once you are ready to become a sponsor, you may choose either of the following methods for generating an invoice and making payment:

  1. If you plan to pay by check, start by recording your pledge amount and details at https://abfm.wufoo.com/forms/2018-abfm-conference-sponsorships/. The system will then generate and send an invoice to you by email, for processing in your organization.
  1. If you plan to pay by card, start by recording your pledge amount and details at https://abfm.wufoo.com/forms/2018-abfm-conference-sponsorships/. The system will then generate and send an invoice to you by email, and will direct your web browser to a PayPal screen which can accept your card information in order to process your payment.

If neither of those methods will work acceptably for your organization, or if you are having trouble with the Wufoo system for recording your pledge, please contact us so that we can work out an invoicing solution that meets your organization’s needs.