Past ABFM Chairs

Chair of ABFM is a one-year position that reflects a four-year commitment on part of a dedicated member to provide leadership and guidance to their fellow practitioners and researchers in public sector finance and budgeting.

2018Bryan Sullivan
2017Dan Smith
2016Carolyn Bourdeaux
2015Robert Kravchuk
2014Charles Menified
2013Scott Pattison
2012James D. Savage
2011Carol Ebdon
2010Dwight V. Denison
2009Katerhine Willoughby
2008Rebecca Hendrick
2007Robert J. Eger III
2006-07John Bartle
2005-06Kurt Thurmaier
2004-05Wes Clarke
2003-04Jocelyn Johnston
2002-03Beverly Bunch
2001-02John Forrester
2000-01Paul Posner
1999-2000Merl Hackbart
1998-99Fred Thomspon
1997-98Karen Stanford
1996-97Robert D. Lee, Jr.
1995-96Marilyn M. Rubin
1994-95W. Bartley HIldreth
1993-94L. R. Jones
1992-93John Mikesell
1991-92William E. Landsidle
1990-91Nancy Carroll
1989-90Jerry McCaffery
1988-89Richard Zody
1987-88Thaddeus L. Juszczak, Jr.
1986-87James Alexander
1985-86F. Daniel Ahern, Jr.
1984-85Richard Hackman
1983-84Andrew Fogarty
1982-83William E. Scherch
1981-82Eli Silverman
1980-81George Schaefer
1979-80Emerson Markham
1978-79Donald Kull
1977-78Thomad D. Lynch